Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Qvoto and what does the name mean?

    Qvoto is a service for easily sharing private videos that alert you when they are viewed. Qvoto was developed with business users in mind who need an easy way to create, send and track personal video messages. The name is pronounced like a word (Q-voto) and is an acronym for "Quick Videos, One-To-One".

  • How is this different than just sending a video from my phone?

    Using your phone to send video is a great idea but on its own, it is a bit limiting. First, videos are sent as attachments via text message or email - so the size of the video may cause either your carrier to restrict the sending or the recipient's carrier to restrict the receiving. Qvoto videos are not attachments, so you can be sure your video will reach its destination every time.

  • Can I use this to send the same video to a lot of people?

    No. Qvoto is intended to be personal, private videos...so individual videos sent to individual people. This way when your recipient receives a Qvoto video, they will know it was meant just for them.

  • I could just put my video on YouTube and set to private, couldn't I?

    Sure you could, but it's a bit of a process and it's very easy to forget to set the video to private. Qvoto videos are meant to be personal while YouTube videos are meant for the masses. When someone receives a link to a YouTube video, they will assume it's not a personal video. Also, Qvoto will notify you the second the recipient views their video...YouTube doesn't have this very important feature.

  • How can this be used for business?

    For sale professionals, Qvoto could mean the end of cold calling and missed follow-up attempts. For an entrepreneur, Qvoto can be the perfect way to pitch your idea to a potential investor. For the busy executive, Qvoto is a tool for recognizing an outstanding employee, updating a stockholder or personally letting a key client know just how valuable they are.

  • Do you have a multi-user account?

    We don't as of right now but we may in the future. If your company has a big team that would like to use Qvoto, please contact us and we may be able to set that up for you.

  • How will I know if Qvoto is effective?

    You'll know instantly! Everything is 100% measurable, so you'll know if your video was viewed...in real time.

  • Can anyone else see the video I posted?

    No. The videos are private so the only way your video can be accessed is by you or by the recipient of the Qvoto email.

  • How long does it take to deliver a Qvoto video?

    There is a little bit of video processing that needs to be done but it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. It depends on how many videos are lined up. You'll get notified via email once your Qvoto has been sent or you can check in the app.

  • What mobile apps are available?

    As of now the app is availalbe in the iTunes store and is coming soon for both Windows and Android.

  • How does the recipient receive their Qvoto video?

    Qvoto videos are sent via email, just minutes after you send it from the app.

  • Do I need to have any special equipment to use Qvoto?

    A smart phone with the Qvoto app is all you need! You can certainly plug in external microphones and use additional lighting if you want to but the idea of Qvoto is quick, personal video...so it shouldn't need to be a big "production" each time you want to send one.